Welcome to my Garden

Welcome to my garden!
I am located in Southwestern Virginia zone 7a b. approximately 45 miles south of Roanoke, just off US 220.

I consider myself a backyard gardener. However, my gardens have grown beyond my control and I’ve got to get it under control. So downsizing has begun. I have made a promise to myself for every new daylily I bring home three have to leave. I do love getting new ones every year to add to my collection. It’s so enjoyable seeing that new bloom for the first time.
However, I need to make it manageable and thus enjoyable.
So, in with the new and out with the old. Although there are some plants that no matter how old, they will always be in my garden.

No Stone Unturned Daylilies....the name has to be given credit to my husband. While we were tossing names back and forth he said “I have the perfect name, “No Stone Unturned Daylilies,” because literally there isn’t a stone left on this property that you haven’t dug up to plant a daylily.” I thought to myself, this is perfect!!! So the name has stuck and he is right. I have certainly unearthed quite a bit of stones in my daylily planting.

I welcome visitors anytime, just contact me at 276-734-0663 so I can make sure I’m here to welcome you.
As of 2023 I am proud to be a Official AHS Display Garden!

Contact Info

No Stone Unturned Daylilies
JoAnne Astin
25 Cherokee Hills Road
Bassett, VA 24055

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